In Panama, Panama, on January 23, 2020, the 220th Regular Meeting of the COCESNA Board of Directors was held.

Esta Reunión contó con la representación de: BELIZE Lic. Lindsay Armstrong Garbutt, Director de Aviación Civil, Sr. Kenworth Tillet Norel, Advisor to the Ministry of Tourism; COSTA RICA Ing. Rodolfo Méndez Mata, Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Ing. José Manuel Saenz Scaglietti, Substitute Representative; EL SALVADOR, Ing. Jorge Alberto Puquirre Torres, Director President Board of Directors of the Civil Aviation Authority (AAC), Lic. Francisco José Sol, AAC Council Director; GUATEMALA Cap. Carlos Velásquez Monge, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Cap. Francis Arturo Argueta Aguirre, General Director of Civil Aeronautics; HONDURAS Gral. Fredy Santiago Díaz Zelaya, Secretary of National Defense, Lic. Wilfredo Lobo Reyes, Executive Director of AHAC; NICARAGUA Cap. Carlos Danilo Salazar, Director of INAC, Dr. Leónidas Vicente Duarte, Legal Advisor of INAC; PANAMÁ Guests: Cap. Gustavo Pérez, Managing Director AAC Panamá; Sr. Gustavo de León, Assistant Director General ACC Panamá; COCESNA Lic. Juan Carlos Trabanino, Executive President and Secretary of the Board of Directors, Lic. Mario Crispín Blanco, Internal Auditor, Gral. Manuel Cáceres, ACSA Director, by the Internal Secretariat and Public Relations, lawyer. Albert Cárcamo y la Lic. Silvia Quezada. GUESTS: Sra. Ludmilla Gonzáles, Thales; Sr. Andreas Khon, Airbus; Mr. Esteban García, Vaisala; Mr. José luis Penedo, EASA; Sr, Luc Tytgat, EASA; Sr. Nick Reyes, FAA; Carl Johnson, Representative of FAA; Sr. Alejandro Parker, Indra; Sr. Fidel González, Indra; Sr. José Mota, Indra; Sra. Olga Abad, Indra; Manuel Ojeda, Morcom; Sr. David Hernández, IATA.

The Directing Council discussed the following Schedule:

  • Ratification and approval of the Minutes of the Thirteenth Ninth Ordinary Meeting (219th) held in Petén, Guatemala on December 18, 2019;
  • Report of the Technical Commission Meeting COCESNA-Civil Aviation Authority Panama;
  • Designation of the Alternate Candidate before the ICAO Council;
  • Presentation by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA);
  • Exhibition by the European Aeronautical Safety Agency (EASA);
  • Exhibition by Thales;
  • Exhibition by Vaisala;
  • Exhibition by Morcom;
  • Exhibition by IATA;
  • Exhibition by Airbus;
  • Exhibition by Indra;
  • Resolution Compliance Report for the year 2019; And
  • Subject Audit requested by the Member State of Nicaragua.