We are the Central American Institute of Aeronautical Training – ICCAE- based in El Salvador, which being part of COCESNA, we are the center of aeronautical instruction with the greatest presence at the level of the Central American region and of great projection at the level International.

We offer quality solutions in the training and development of personnel linked to the air transport industry. The experience accumulated in aeronautical training activities is demonstrated in the more than 1,800 events held and more than 20,000 trained participants to date.

  • AERONUNUTIC TRAINING (Training and Training)

    • Operative
    • Technical
    • Management


    • Studies – Analysis and Implementation of OJT IPPT
    • Training Manuals


    • Training in 3D scenarios
    • E-Learning Courses

With more than 500 courses developed in the area of Air Traffic Control (ATC- and more than 4,800 participations, training in this field, is considered the main thematic area and the most recognized internationally.

Our projection is evident in the diversity of nationalities of our participants, with representatives of organizations from Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay and Venezuela, among others.